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  • Jumpman Monday: Who is Johnny Kilroy?

    by Mike

    A few days ago we showed you the good news and first look at the Air Jordan IX “Johnny Kilroy” that is being released later this year. We got a few questions asking “Who is Johnny Kilroy?” so this weeks Jumpman Monday is dedicated to educating some of you youngsters and refreshing the memories of some of you OG’s about the man known as Johnny Kilroy.

    Back in 93 Michael Jordan shocked the world when he retired after his 3rd NBA Championship to go play baseball. While fans of the game worried who would occupy the throne, sneakerheads were more worried with how the release of the IX would play out since Jordan wouldn’t be on the court to ball in them.

    Nike went to work and came up with a creative and one of a kind solution named Johnny Kilroy. Nike started showing commercials of Kilroy playing in games and balling his heart out like no one else with even superstars playing along in the hoax. Nike even got Upper Deck to jump in and created a basketball card for Johnny Kilroy. Best part of it all, Kilroy rocked the Air Jordan IX’s in style.

    Kilroy, as well all knew it, was Michael Jordan but it really turned out to be a great marketing campaign by Nike and Jordan that brought mass media and consumer attention to them. Basically, Kilroy was a beast and so are his shoes because of the story behind them.

    Remember sneakers aren’t just something on your feet, something to flip and make a quick buck off. Its history, its a story, its meaning behind each shoe that makes them special. We love shoes, you love shoes, everyone loves shoes…some people just don’t realize it yet. So share this knowledge and spread the story of Johnny Kilroy to sneaker fans alike.

    And if you don’t know, now you know…